Good Bye Retail

Saying Farewell to Retail and Embracing a New Journey As I sit down to write this blog post, I can’t help but reflect on the journey I’ve been on since 2013, a journey that has defined a significant part of my identity. For the past decade, owning retail shops, specifically vape shops, has been my life. It’s been a rollercoaster of experiences, challenges, and growth. […]

Open Letter from V. Bailey to Cobourg

TRIGGER WARNING Northumberland Women is a place where all women within our community are welcomed with open arms. We understand that some of the topics we discuss might stir discomfort in certain hearts. It’s natural for these conversations to evoke a range of emotions – discomfort, anger, sadness, and more. It’s possible that some will remain unaffected, while others might find solace in the fact […]

Let’s Lead with Love not War

I am not writing to convince anyone that drug use is OK; that is a moral issue with no place in the argument for the effectiveness of public health initiatives like TweakeasyCBG and the Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) they have established in Cobourg. OPS will benefit people who use drugs and our community. This program will reduce the harm and minimize the impact on our […]

Spring in Northumberland County

  As winter slowly fades away, Spring brings in fresh air and renewed energy.  Northumberland County (NOCO) is one the best places to enjoy this Spring! All across the county, there are some great activities that people of all ages can participate in! Put your winter coat in the back of your closet and get ready to indulge in fun and exciting activities that help […]

Addiction a Fundraising Opportunity?

  I know that this is going to sound harsh.It might even sound rude. But, I have to say it. I am done with health groups praying on addiction. Dry February is nothing more than hype. Dry February is praying on addiction.  When did addiction become a fundraising opportunity? If you want to stop drinking, you must do it for yourself. If you want to […]

ground Hog Day

Ground Hog Day

Groundhog Day is a holiday celebrated on February 2nd in the United States and Canada. The holiday is based on the belief that the groundhog will come out of its burrow on this day. If it sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will retreat back into its burrow, indicating six more weeks of winter. If the groundhog does not see its shadow due […]

Galentine’s Day

What is Galentine’s Day? Galentine’s Day is a holiday celebrated on February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day. The holiday was first popularized by the television show Parks and Recreation, in which the character Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) declares it a day to celebrate and appreciate women’s strong, supportive friendships.  Galentine’s Day is all about celebrating the bond of female friendship. It’s […]

Why I LOVE Toastmasters

  In 2020, I finally bit the bullet and joined the Cobourg Toastmasters group. I went to my first meeting, and I was hooked! Even two years of zoom only meetings did not deter me from working toward becoming a better public speaker. As I enter my third year in the program, I am still learning skills that are helping me be a better communicator. […]

Vision Board Work Shop

Build your Vision Board Workshop

Happy New Year!   Are you ready to manifest your dreams into reality!  Well our vision board work shop may be what you are looking for!  You can get tickets HERE A vision board is a collage of images, quotes, and affirmations representing your goals and aspirations. By surrounding yourself with visual reminders of what you want to achieve, you can increase your motivation and focus […]


Yippity, Yappity, blah blah (YYBB) the term I have coined when people share their perceived failures of someone with everyone but the person they are talking about. I see value in the YYBB.  I see an opportunity to lean into the gossip about oneself and realize there is something there. Do I wish that these people would come and share their opinions with me? Absolutely! […]