Hello and welcome to my dream project! Northumberland Women is a weekly one hour show that allows women to be seen, heard and learn. It celebrates and educates women.

I stand firmly in my belief that LEARNING leads to EMPOWERMENT which give COURAGE to the self to reach their goals.

This new 1  hour show airs Monday 8-9pm on Northumberland Radio 89.7 FM.  We will also delve into issue that really affect us, from health, to money, to financial planning



FACT: We have bad ass women in our community, and it is my vision that through this show their stories will be highlighted.  We also have bad ass women looking to learn. We will tell the stories, share the knowledge in hopes of  inspiring women in our community to follow their dreams, their passions so they can attain their own personal success.


The show will be hosted by me Maria Papaioannoy Duic.

You can check out my BIO

A Little Bit About Maria

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination with talk radio.  I have always loved listening to people talk, debating and asking questions.

When I was younger, I  would tell anyone that would listen about what I wanted to do. I remember two very distinct conversation that happened to me right before starting my Radio and Television program, that have kept this dream alive.

First was a station manager for a local Toronto talk radio station. They shared the story of how one of their hosts got their job. This person actually called in to a show and challenged the hosts on air and did an incredible job.  Next thing they know, they are asked to come in and boom their own radio show.

This was all I needed to know.

As a young driven woman, I thought “if this can happen to them, it can happen to me”!  My new job was listening to talk radio and calling in with an opinion.  It didn’t work.

Then I met the second station manager.

He asked me a very pointed question. “What do you want be?”

I answered, “The next Oprah”

he looked at me and said, “come back to me when you want to be the first you.”

WOW!  I needed to stop being the next someone else, because I could only be the best me.


From then to now, my path has taken me to some incredible corners of this world. I have collected experiences, others perspective and knowledge to bring me to this very moment.  Hosting Northumberland Women.  It has taken a lot of years to get to the point, but success happens only when you try.



Do you know someone or have a topic you want to hear about? Fill out the form below and let us know your ideas!